About Burnham
Parish Council

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Your councillors

It is important to know the people who make the decisions on how the Council is run. Your elected councillors are always looking to maintain and improve Burnham as well as promote local issues. Find out who your councillors are, what they do, and how to contact them below.

Which council does what

Burnham is represented by 3 different councils: Burnham Parish Council, South Bucks District Council and Buckinghamshire County Council. It can be difficult to know who to turn to when you have a problem. This list should help direct you to the right place for common issues.


Council staff

The day-to-day running of the Parish Council is carried out by the Council staff. The staff are a valuable resource of the Council as they implement all of the Council’s policies, represent the Council by interacting with the community and manage the Council’s ongoing projects. There are three departments: Administration, Grounds, and Burnham Park Hall. Find out who your Council staff are here.


How is the Council funded? Where is the Council spending its money? Does the Council have to show were it spends its money and can I see the Council’s past expenditure?

If you have ever asked any of these questions click here to find the answers.

 Policies & Procedures

Ensuring that we provide our services safely, ethically and legally is the Council’s main objective. The policies and procedures we implement help us achieve all of this and guarantee our work is completed to the highest standard.

We regularly review all of our policies and procedures to ensure that Burnham Parish Council and its projects run smoothly.